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Carnage Tyrant (eng, nm)

Cryptic Command (Lorwyn, eng, gd)

Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants (eng, nm) 2x

Benalish Marshal (eng, nm, FOIL)

Rakdos, the Showstopper (eng, nm, FOIL)

Shaper's Sanctuary (eng, nm)

Baleful Strix (spa, nm)

Chancellor of the Tangle (eng, nm) 2x

Chancellor of the Tangle (eng, nm, FOIL) 2x

Experiment One (Gatecrash, eng, nm)

Invisible Stalker (eng, front nm, back ex) 3x

Grim Lavamancer (Torment, eng, ex-)

Steam Vents (GoR, eng, nm)

Faithless Looting (Eternal Masters, eng, nm, FOIL)

Jodah, Archmage Eternal (eng, PROMO)

Sphere of Safety (Return to Ravnica, eng, nm)

Ritual of Soot (eng, nm)

Serum Visions (Fifth Dawn, eng, nm)

Growth-Chamber Guardian (eng, nm)

Vraska, Golgari Queen (GRN, eng, nm) 2x

Bloodghast (Zendikar, eng, nm) 4x

Assassin's Trophy (GRN, eng, nm) 2x


WANT  (vse karte naj bodo angleške):

Godless Shrine (Gatecrash, nm, FOIL) 2x

Thoughtseize (Theros, nm, FOIL) 2x

Fatal Push (Promo-Foil, nm) 3x

Siren Stormtamer 2x

Artifact Lands

Collector Ouphe 2x

Plague Engineer 2x
Ponder (Lorwyn)
Syncopate (Dominaria, FOIL) 2x
Night's Whisper (Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska) 2x
Counterspell 2x
Serum Visions (Conspiracy: Take the Crown, nm))
Enigma Drake (Amonkhet, nm, FOIL)
Grisly Salvage (Friday Night Magic Promos, nm) 2x
Forest (Unstable, nm) 2x
Mountain (Version 4) (Khans of Tarkir, nm, FOIL)
Plains (Version 4) (Magic 2011, FOIL)
Island (Version 3) (Avacyn Restored, FOIL)

Adanto Vanguard (nm, FOIL)

Swamp (Version 2) (Magic Origins, FOIL)
Polluted Delta (Onslaught, nm) 2x
Signets (Modern Masters 2017, nm, FOIL)
Stormbound Geist 2x
Fireblast 4x
Evincar's Justice 2x

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