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  1. Noble Hierarch 4x

    Prodajam playset Noble Hierarch (Conflux, eng). front: nm, back: nm-; front: nm, back: nm; front: nm-, back: nm; front: nm, back: ex začetna: 160€ bid: 1€ tin1: Blood Moon (Modern Masters, eng, nm) + 140€ tin2: Blood Moon (Modern Masters, eng, nm, 2x) + 120€ tin3: Blood Moon (Modern Masters, eng, nm, 3x) + 100€ Možen prevzem oziroma trade SAMO v Ljubljani.
  2. Jadelight Ranger playset

    Prodajam playset Jadelight Ranger (roi, eng, nm). Zacetna: 28e Bid: 1e Bin: 30e
  3. have/want

  4. have/want

    HAVE: Field of Ruin (Ixalan, eng, nm) 1x Field of Ruin (Ixalan, eng, nm/ex) 1x Soul-Scar Mage (Amonkhet, eng, nm, playset) Cut // Ribbons (Amonkhet, eng, nm) 2x Dire Fleet Ravager (Ixalan, eng, nm) 2x Samut, Voice of Dissent (Amonkhet, eng, nm) 2x Pia Nalaar (Kaladesh, eng, nm, FOIL) Sram's Expertise (Aether Revolt, eng, nm, FOIL) Authority of the Consuls (Kaladesh, eng, nm) Fathom Fleet Captain (Ixalan, eng, nm, FOIL) Captain Lannery Storm (Ixalan, eng, nm, FOIL) Jadelight Ranger (Rivals of Ixalan, eng, nm, playset) Liliana, Death's Majesty (Amonkhet, ita, nm) Never // Return (Amonkhet, eng, nm) Sweltering Suns (Amonkhet, eng, nm) Scrapheap Scrounger (Kaladesh, eng, nm) Champion of Wits (Hour of Devastation, eng, nm, playset) WANT : Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle (Ixalan, eng, nm) 2x Adanto Vanguard (Ixalan, eng, nm, FOIL) 3x Sanctum Seeker (Ixalan, eng, nm) 3x Champion of Dusk (Rivals of Ixalan, eng, nm) Dusk Legion Zealot (Rivals of Ixalan, eng, nm) Yahenni, Undying Partisan (Aether Revolt, eng, nm) 2x Mountain (Version 5) (Battle for Zendikar, eng, nm, 2x) Rotlung Reanimator (Onslaught. eng) Fanatical Firebrand (Rivals of Ixalan, eng) 3x Merfolk Mistbinder (Rivals of Ixalan, eng, nm) 4x Polluted Delta (Onslaught, eng, nm) 3x Ramunap Ruins (Hour of Devastation, eng, nm) Silvergill Adept (Lorwyn, eng, nm) Silvergill Adept (Rivals of Ixalan, eng, nm) Stormbound Geist (eng) 4x Silhana Ledgewalker (eng) 4x Ninja of the Deep Hours (eng) 2x Pestermite (eng)