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  1. ender

    Grammar Nazi kotiček

    Na sihtu sodelujemo z Azijci, nacionalnosti ne bom omenjal, sem si pa rekel, moram dati nazaj nekaj skupnosti, zgrozite se: okay, btw did asked from your admin not has demux yet! i found that my apk is not support english <ime ticketa>, do you not easily reproduce? i want to <ime osebe> tell me, but he don't answer so we has 2 symptom Why am I different from what you show? yes show name is current Currently i am on the way to home, traffic is gemmed it can be do it great so you logs and some clue cause it's quite rear ha pening 'll be give a new library in a moment. okay, my boss asking compile new FW nearest days ok, we will send you nearest days i don't understand you <ime napake> is appear?
  2. Congratz Reparju! Reporta pa slik ni pa nic, ali kako se zdej tem stvarem streze?
  3. ender

    Funny stuff in zanimivosti

    Sam sem tud dobu 90%...
  4. ender

    4x Street wraith

    futuresight, nm 22 eur bid 0,5 eur    
  5. ender

    Vintage liga XII - 3. turnir

    Samo Samci, mors pazt, da tudi tebe ne "pottapajo", ker ni vse kar se zdi tam...
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    Relentless Dead

    Prodaja se angleški Relentless Dead v NM stanju.   Začetna: 9€ BIN: 10€